U.S.Law Shield Gun Law Seminar Pueblo Colorado

U.S. Law Shield Seminar Pueblo Colorado

Many people have asked for a Law and Legal program for Concealed Carry and gun owners this year and here it is. Several of our members went to the program put on by U.S.Law Shield in Colorado Springs last week, and it was great!!. Remember this is not the same old law and legal, some have told me they took it before and don’t need it. This program is different it is put on by an attorney who specializes in gun law and owns a gun shop himself. Many things have changed in Colorado and in the United States. Attitudes are different and so may be the attitudes of police officers and DA’s across our state. It’s not just enough to know how to use a gun. It’s vastly more important to know your rights and know when not to discuss an incident with the authorities. All gun incidents do not involve firing your gun… DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO in those circumstances???? Do you know what to say to your students about these situations??

Make plans to attend this seminar it happens after the holiday weekend so you should be ready for a little training with an open mind. This is not a fund raiser……all the proceeds go to U.S.Law Shield. One of our members rented the city park pavilion so that this event would happen.

Let’s support this event by getting out a large crowd so that we can show northern Colorado that we are the best……maybe we will have the largest event in the state….

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